2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge


Radiant Orchid 2014 with my chickens

Whew!  I got it done in the knick of time!  I heard about a quilt challenge awhile back and gave you a sneak peak of my fabrics in a post earlier this year here.  It is a challenge using the Pantone Color of the year and this year it is Radiant Orchid.

I enjoyed the color choice, but I have to be honest by the time I finished the quilt I am ready to put it away.  I started this quilt near Valentine’s Day and had hearts on the brain and now I am ready to move on to Spring things.  Even though I am ready to put it away until next February I really did have a good time doing the challenge.  It was a good lesson in color theory for me as I chose to keep my color palate very simple and yet striking.  


“now that’s good fabric on the back!”

I designed this quilt based on a picture I saw years ago (sorry, no link, I looked for one).  I have just kept the picture in my head and it really did feel good to get it out on paper first and turn it into a quilt.  So I guess you could say that I designed this quilt from scratch!  High five self!

For the quilting, I have recently met a woman who lives near me that has a PFAFF long-arm that she has graciously offered to my use.  I am enjoying quilting and she has said she enjoys watching me do it so I think we make a good pair.  Thanks Ginger!  The quilting design was inspired by the Spring sun and the color name. The quilting starts in the center of the heart and makes a radiant sunburst type pattern out towards the edges of the quilt.  Then a few of the radiant sun rays are filled in with what I call a ribbon candy pattern.  I chose to do this because it is afterall,  a Valentine’s quilt and Valentine’s Day is all about candy!


close-up of radiant quilting


The binding… I have a secret.  I rarely hand bind my quilts.  I like machine binding.  So it should come as no surprise to you that this quilt is also machine bound.  I just like it and it is so fast to get  quilt done.  One day I’m sure that I will learn to love hand binding but just not yet…  One day I will post a tutorial about how I bind my quilts.


I love the color of the binding!


Now for me to meet the contest requirements:

Quilt Title:  Sweet Radiance 

Quilt Size: 33inches x 42inches

Contest category: Quilts (finished)

Fabrics used: front- Ta Dot in grape by Michael Miller, Peak Hour by Kellie Wulfsonn for Riley Blake  binding- Tweedy by P&B textiles   back- Heart Stipe in burgundy by Free Spirit


sunglare and all, here she is!


11 thoughts on “2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge

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    • Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog post about this awesome challenge you are hosting. I will be seeking out other challenges because of my experience doing this one.

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