I’m sorry it has been so long since I have written a blog post, I go through phases where I think that I don’t really have anything to say and then when I sit down to write, well, look out!

Updates:  I did not win the Pantone Challenge.  I was a little sad because I had three chances to win and I won nothing.  But a HUGE congratulations goes out to my friend Gail who not only introduced me to this challenge but she won second place with this quilt.



She has got me wanting to work with linen and triangles!  In fact, I have started collecting a stack of fabrics to do this same quilt just in different colors.  Image


I plan on putting this aqua and sunshine yellow quilt in our camper.  I will share more about that later.

I did not win the Pantone Challenge but I did have a major success in organizing and hosting the first Phat Bobbin Girl sewing retreat!  Of course I forgot my camera so I have no pictures but by the powers of Facebook I have a very small sampling of photos of projects worked on.



The weekend was very inspiring and collaborative.  There was quilting, garment sewing, zipper sewing and something very dear to my heart, free-motion quilting.  Almost everyone there tried free motion quilting, four girls tried it for the very first time!  The weekend has even got me thinking that I am going to sew a few clothes for my small pack of M&M’s…  I will be sure to share the trials and hopefully the successes.  Thanks for coming to my party retreat girls!


One thought on “Updates

  1. The Phat Bobbin Retreat was fantastic! Thank you Katie for hosting a great weekend. I loved seeing all the young people creating, sewing and learning. I even learned a few new things myself…not all related to sewing. I really enjoyed the Lyons Quilt Shop…many great choices and very nice ,helpful people.

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