Guess Who?



Guess who I met?

Guess who I met?  She is my work-at-home business idol. She also just happens to be my quilting idol at the moment too.  That’s right it is Angela Walters!  She came to Denver to our Modern Quilt Guild and did a lecture/trunk show and a free motion class for us.  It was AWESOME just watching her draw on a white board.  I never realized how much of a visual person I am until I saw her use the whiteboard and things just clicked for me.


Her teaching style was very ‘real’ and I feel ready to launch into more challenging quilting designs and even branch out and modify traditional designs on my own.  She tends to be a motivating person just by being realistic.  She says that her quilts aren’t made for competition and that is why she doesn’t worry about crossing lines in her meander or if her stitches are all perfectly spaced.  I like her style.  One thing she said that really stuck with me is “Once is a mistake, twice is a design choice.”  Her style spoke freedom to me and I am chompin’ at the bit to get started.















The Legacy quilt above took Angela only 30 hours to quilt!  It is super detailed and highlights her skills to add design in the negative space with the quilting.  And she freely shared all of her quilts, by showing them and draping them over railings and letting us all take pictures and even touching them!

ImageAnd even though she picked on me for being short she might just be my new bestie.

Image Image

And if yo would like to read her blog she can be found at Quilting is My Therapy.  I had a really fun weekend and I haven’t stopped thinking about free motion quilting for a week now!  Thanks Angela for a deeply inspiring weekend and the support that I needed.



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