May SNOW! May What?!?


It’s snowing.  Yes it is May.  Yes it is snowing, and snowing, and snowing.  No. I am not happy about it.  My Mother’s Day mood was ruined by the weather even though it provided me the excuse to stay inside and finish up a modern quilt that I have been working on.  Snow in May makes me grumpy.  I have closed all the shades and curtains and forbid my kids from opening them until the sun comes out again.  I refuse to acknowledge that the snow is still falling like wet heavy boogies from the sky.  It is just gross.

My plan instead?  Retreat to the basement like a mole and sew, sew, sew.  My kids are loving it because they get to watch movie after movie (except Frozen, it has been banned temporarily due to the cold theme revolving around ice and snow).  It has worked out alright, I have finished a few things and in my normal style I have forgotten to take pictures of two of my projects… I am pathetic.  I made a really cute apron for a friend of mine using this pattern.


I also made a fabric bowl that looks similar to these:  for her eggs from her backyard chickens.

IMGP7807The final thing that I worked on and finished is really the most exciting.  I am a member of the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild in Denver area.  We have been given a modern quilt challenge.  Using at least the four fabrics that were chosen for us we must make a modern quilt that measures at least 40 inches x 40 inches and demonstrates the modern quilting aesthetic.


I only added the white background color and the gray for binding.  It was a fun challenge and when I got the colors I was not digging the challenge, but it turns out I kinda like the end result.


I free motion quilted it on a Pfaff long-arm and as always really enjoyed that process.  I decided to machine bind the whole thing because I wanted to stick to modern techniques and because I wanted to finish it faster…

IMGP8593The guild is collecting quilts from Front Range Modern Quilt Guild and a few other modern quilt guilds in Colorado and hoping to show a collection of quilts at various different shows throughout the state to introduce people to modern quilting.  Even though I really like modern quilting I still love the traditional crinkly look of a quilt when you pull it out of the dryer for the fist time, it is so cozy.  How about your?  Are you a traditionalist or a modern quilter?  OR do you just call yourself a quilter, like I do.




Pantone Quilt Challenge

I have spoken in the past about a few of my friends that have inspired me.  One such friend goes by the name Gail and she is one of those women that has it all together (in my eyes).


She seems to find time to do it all.  She is a creative quilter that seems to turn out a quilt top each week on top of being a work at home mom and runner.  Her sheer productivity is inspiring to me as I try to stay caught up with her.  She is current in her designs and fabric choices.  Gail introduced me to a great local fabric and yarn shop here in Denver.  It is called Wooden Spools and we had such a good time shopping that day.  We also went to another local quilt shop Snappy Quilts and I knew we would be friends when she bought 8 yards of a fabric that she fell i love with simply because it called to her.

Now for the reason that I am writing about my new friend Gail.  She introduced me to a great blog On the Windy Side.  This blog is hosting a quilt challenge.  It is based upon the Pantone Color of the Year 2014 choice.  For more information on the Pantone color of the year Click Here.  The rules are pretty open and the deadline is fast approaching.  When I read this I was instantly inspired and knew what I wanted to make.

It is not my normal color palette but I seem to be redefining ‘my colors’ all the time so I have decided to just not have a go to color.  I love all color.  And since this year for me seems to be about challenging myself I decided to go for it.  Here is a bit of a sneak peek of the fabrics that I chose and be on the lookout for a tutorial after I submit the quilt for the challenge.


Please feel free to share a challenge that you are working on.  It can be any sort of challenge, organized or personal.