Belts and Buckles!

Wow!  It has been way too long since I have written a blog post!  I have a lot to catch up on but for now I will stick to what motivated me to write today.  In February I was chosen to be a pattern tester for a new pattern written by Melissa Kirk (@tensionissues on Instagram).  She is working with Rebel Craft Media to release her new pattern and it is now available in PDF format through Rebel Craft Media’s website.  When they put a call out to testers for this pattern I feel like it really spoke to me.  I am originally a Wyoming girl and anything that reminds me of home speaks to my heart and the title of this quilt, Belts and Buckles surely did that.  AND, secondly when I read that this pattern is jelly roll friendly I was ALL in!  I have three kids and stay at home right now and if I can get a pre-cut bundle of fabrics that are chosen for me and whip it out then I am all for that!

Belts and Buckles by Melissa Kirk for Rebel Craft Media

Belts and Buckles by Melissa Kirk for Rebel Craft Media

The pattern was fun and easy to make while the end result looks a bit more complicated then it is with its offset layout of the “buckles”.  Since the quilt pattern title made me think of cowboys I stuck with a manly theme and chose fabrics that might appeal to a man.  I chose “numbers” by Zen Chic for Moda for the belts and buckles and the background is this really great blue on blue sort of crosshatch print that I was sure to write down and now can’t find that scrap of paper anywhere… you’ll just have to trust me.


DSC_0520 (2)

I changed the layout just a bit so I could add length to the quilt to make it the right size for a twin XL bed in hopes that a soon-to-be high school graduate will want this quilt for his dorm room.  The project deadlines snuck up on me and so I decided to quilt this one with an all over square meander and I really like the crispness that the squares add to the overall look of the quilt.


It was a fun quilt to make and I highly reccommend the pattern, it was well written and well tested if I do say so myself!  Enjoy and please send me photos of your quilt when you finish them.  You can also read the blog post about my quilt on the Rebel Craft Media blog, here.  And thanks to my husband, who is the best quilt holder ever at 6 foot 5 inches, we got some really great shots of this one (on the day it was due of course).



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