items in common?

What does rubbing alcohol, q-tips, car-wax, and chocolate bark have in common?  I’ll give you a moment, it’s a hard one…

IMG_20141020_201616272 IMG_20141020_201631799 IMG_20141020_201704151 IMG_20141018_203710415



I am a very lucky girl and I get to leave town for a retreat in a couple of weeks and that always reminds me that I need to do a serious cleaning of my machine(s).  I have three machines that I regularly use and two of them require that I do the maintenance and cleaning.  I take my PFAFF ambition 1.0 to the shop, and I do most of the work on my Bernina 807 and APQS Ultimate 1.  Even though it is a chore, I still really enjoy just sitting down and spending time with my machine (the chocolate bark that a friend made doesn’t hurt either).  And even though I have been quilting for almost 13 years now I still break out my manual and refer to it the entire time I am cleaning and oiling my machines.  Because I give my machines this love, they love me right back and I rarely have problems with any of my machines.  Is it time you gave your machine some love?

I also had a really fun fast customer project this week I want to share with you all.  I got to start with a completely blank canvas…  I just ran my hands up and down the smooth softness waiting for the fabric to speak to me, it was glorious.


I then stepped back into reality of the job that I was hired to do.  My customer wanted to make a fabric wrapped headboard for her guest bedroom.  She gave me a chunk of microsuede-like fabric and asked if I could quilt it into woodgrain.  YES!  I can for sure do that.  And now that it is done… I want one.



I think it turned out really neat and what a quick project with big fancy impact for a bedroom.  So I will leave you this morning with thoughts of how you might spend a Sunday afternoon giving your machine a little love before you make it go back to work for the week.  Thanks for stopping by today to check up on what has been going on here.


6 thoughts on “items in common?

  1. What a cool idea for a headboard! I love how it looks. On the other hand, I would be too scared to take a sewing machine down like that. I’ll clean the bobbin area, but that’s it. Is the car wax for the machine bed though, so the fabric has less resistance?

    • Kathleen, I find that the older machines are much easier to work on and I don’t even touch my machine that has a computer, I just take it in to the shop. I use the car wax to wax the rails on my long arm machine. It helps it to glide very smoothly.

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