Ahhhhh, back home.

I got to go back to the place that makes me smile and allows me to breath just a little deeper and makes me feel calm and serene, Wyoming. This past weekend I had the chance to teach at Quilt Wyoming 2014. It is the annual state wide quilt convention and this was my second year teaching at this event.  Last year I taught a class utilizing 2 1/2 inch strips and found that I am not the only one who loves the pre-cuts.  One of my students sent me a photo of her finished project and I just have to share because who doesn’t want a little visual and virtual recognition for their work.  Here is Betty with her quilt.

betty's quilt2And also Lyn with her quilt from 2013.

Lyn's pinwheel quilt2I am from Wyoming originally and being back in that state just brings me a sense of warmth and support that I can’t describe.  Being there around the ladies that supported me when I first started quilting has given me the confidence to break into the teaching realm of quilting and I’m not looking back.  I submitted class proposals for a couple of years before being accepted and even still this year I had one of my classes that was canceled due to lack of participants, but I will keep trying because of the support that I have now not only in Wyoming but here too with my quilting friends in Colorado.  

The class this past weekend brought a little bit of a modern feel to it but was rooted in traditional piecing and construction.  We worked on a hexagon quilt and despite a major pattern mess-up progress was made, fun was had, a few tips were learned.  I just got a new phone and I forgot my camera (again big surprise) so these are just the very few photos that I could figure out how to take.


The Glenrock Girls

QW2014-3 QW2014-2I am now back in Colorado and filled to the brim with motivation and inspiration from my home state and my home girls!  See you all again next year at QW 2015!





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