My friend Tina, what can I say. I can’t say enough about here. She is one of the first people that I met when I moved down into town after living in the mountains for 6 years. She stood up in front of our large MOPS group and told us about her weekend plans which included a bike ride, while pulling her two kiddos in a trailer, and drinking a beer and having sex with her husband. I just knew we had to be friends from that moment on.
And then I heard a rumor that she sewed, well it turns out that she owned a sewing machine and that was about the extent of it, but I persisted and I won. I now have the best quilting partner EVER! She is design fantastic and has so much fresh enthusiasm that it is contagious. My words cannot do her justice so I asked her to write a guest post about her first experience free-motion quilting. I will let her do the talking… this girl Tina; I love her.

Team Mama

I am obsessing over fabric. And quilt patterns. Circles and Drunkard’s Paths. Things that have nothing at all to do with running, or physical fitness. Mental fitness? Possibly. NPR says yes, and I’m a fervent NPR believer, but often I am not smarter than my sewing machine, so NPR may have missed the mark on this one.

While I blog happily about running and circuits and Red Rocks and the occasional parenting, I’ve never blogged about something else I really love. Quilting. I even feel a little weird about saying I “love” it, because quilting and I only just started going together. Although, if we were dating, I probably would have jumped in the sack with quilting by the second date. I get all hot and goofy around fabric. Someone bring me a fan! And the actual act of quilting? Oh Mother! Quilting makes me giddy. Like slap happy teenage…

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