It turns out that I am not very good at remembering to take pictures…  In the last week I have completed two customer quilts and I made two really cute nightgowns too.  I gave one to my daughter Yellow EM and I gave one to the little girl across the street.  The nightgowns turned out super cute!

I found a tutorial on Pinterest (best invention ever) it can be found on

And I don’t have one stinkin’ picture of any of the work that I have done!  And it is too late.  The quilts have been returned to their owners and the nightgowns have been slept in and are in some state of filthiness due to summer fun and perhaps breakfast on the patio this morning after a night rain and worms and mud may have involved when Yellow EM ‘cooked’ breakfast this morning.



So my goal is to get better at taking some pictures when I am working of things and when I finish them too.  This week instead of a picture of a nice pretty finished project I decided to show you what my sewing room looks like after I get home from a retreat… get ready…are you peeking through your fingers like a bad horror movie?  You should be.


I guess instead of sitting here on the computer I should get back to it and work on putting stuff away so that I can take some pictures of works in progress and finished projects.  I will leave you with one question.  What draws your attention the most to a particular long-arm quilter?  I am looking to expand my customer base and would love some feedback.  Thanks.


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