Wyoming Winter Retreat

Last week I got to go on a wonderfully relaxing and fulfilling retreat in Wyoming.  I got to sew with my mom (my best sewing buddy) and all of the ladies who have been so supportive of me.  There were 38 women at this retreat and I didn’t do a very good job of getting photos, I spent my time actually sewing!  I also may or may not have forgotten my camera… good thing my mom had a Kindle that takes photos (kinda).  I mean, thanks mom for having my back, again.  Aren’t mom’s the greatest?!?


Kandie, Me, Pam

There are quiet a few mom and daughter pairs there, but I didn’t get a picture of all of them (I didn’t think to until just now).


Lyn Marie and Lyn

Lyn Marie finished piecing her first quilt top!  She doesn’t quilt except for at this retreat and she thinks this quilt took her forever to do (3yrs) but when you think about it, it only took her 3 weekends.  Congratulations to Lynie!


It is a pattern using layers cakes with sashing, she made it BIG she wants it to hang to the floor on her bed.

There was another girl there for the first time and she not only finished piecing her first quilt top she also had a birthday.  She turned a whopping 19 years old thereby dethroning me as the youngest participant at the retreat.  I was very happy to see someone younger than me there and I wasn’t the only one.  I overheard some other ladies say that they were thrilled to see “young kids doing something worth their time and not playing computer games”.  I was happy to hear that the ladies liked having some young folks around, that is not always what I have experienced in the past.  That is why I keep going back to Wyoming to the best group of gals out there. So… back to the ‘first quilt’ that I was originally talking about.


Andie is telling us all a little about her first quilt and the fabric choices she made.


the whole quilt top in all it’s glory

I also had the pleasure of meeting another new girl to the group.  She is also a part of a mother daughter team (no picture, sorry).  The younger of this dynamic duo started quilting first and actually got her mom into the lifestyle of fabric collecting and petting.  It turns out she is a fellow blogger in Florida of all places!  She got so cold on her weekend in Wyoming she was borrowing winter clothes to stay warm.  AND her mom also celebrated a birthday while we were all out there.  Whew, what a weekend for these gals.  This is Melissa and she can be found at Loblolly Quilts.


Selfie with a Kindle


Melissa’s improv quilt top, she went around gathering scraps from people when she was done with this one so she could work on her next one. Way to repurpose Melissa!


This is my model for the most awesome invention ever, by me.

During the retreat I was asked to do a short demonstration about something quilting related and I chose to demonstrate machine binding.  I blew some of those ladies’ minds!  I am a bit of a rule breaker and walking into a traditionalists room and saying that machine binding is ok was more than some of them could handle.  In order to keep the peace I used a distraction technique by showing them the most awesome invention ever, by me.  First, you start by collecting an empty toilet paper roll (if you have kids like mine, you have TONS of those).  Then you roll your prepared binding onto the roll.  Next depending on your preference for over or under you string a piece of selvage through that roll and tie it in a knot.  You can now wear your binding as a necklace and it just rolls off the paper roll while you attach it to your quilt.  I am a genius!

Whew, this has been a bit of a long-winded post so I think that I will cut myself off here and make a second installment later this week.  I will talk more about the retreat and show some photos of what I got done and also I will chat a little more about the machine binding demonstration that I taught.  I hope you all are finding some time to quilt and/or sew.  I am starting to feel spring coming on so I feel like it is crunch time to get all of my winter quilting done.  How about all of you, do you quilt/sew more in the winter or summer months?


6 thoughts on “Wyoming Winter Retreat

  1. Your idea for the binding roll is genius! It looks like you ladies had a great time. I have a friend here that I have kind of been mentoring into the quilting world. She would love to go to any event in Wyoming if you know of any coming up, will you let me know?

    • I am glad to hear you have a friend that is interested in quilting. I know of a big event in Cheyenne coming up this July. I will email you details.

  2. Great time at the retreat. I am so very lucky to have Katie as my daughter and my quilting buddy…we work so well together! We both got quilt tops done and had time to chat and visit too!

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