“Creativity is contagious, pass it on”  ~Albert Einstein

It has been passed on to me.

I think it started with my Grandma Hope.  She had her hands in a little bit of everything when it came to creativity and craftiness.  But I benefited from her sewing skills most of all.  She sewed us (my sister and I) clothes and a couple of quilts that I still treasure today.  She was also skilled at needlepoint and embroidery.  She was always way ahead of her time and on the front of every trend.  I strive to be like that only to be left feeling constantly behind.  I am hoping that working on my machine quilting skills will help to boost not only my skills but my confidence in the art that I have chosen.

me and Grandma Hope

It is an old picture but we both just look so pretty here 🙂

My Dad is next in line, he has the most creative mind and yet is very scientific and logical at the same time.  He wouldn’t want you to know it but he is a bit of a rule breaker when it comes to doing something the ‘traditional way’.  He is the person I turn to if I need help putting a design down on paper or visualizing what a certain quilting design will look like when completed.  He is very skilled at seeing beyond the block.  My Dad is encouraging and has an understanding of the deep happiness and sanity that a hobby can bring to a person.

Image Image

The Mom.  What can I say, she calls herself “The Mom” and “The Grandmom”.  She is a character and she, most of all, has instilled in me a love of creating.  As a child I was allowed to color outside the lines, paint with my fingers, and mix the playdough colors together.  She taught me to look past the colors and look at the design of something.  But more than that she taught me to take time for myself and pursue the things that I love and that inspire me.  Those skills have not only led me to writing this blog today but have gotten me through the tough times of being a stay at home mom of three kiddos for the last five years.  My mom has become my quilting buddy and she teaches me tons even from far away.  I have tried to be one step ahead of her to no avail; she is The Mom after all.

Image Image Image

I have also found the support and encouragement and creativity from a great group of gals from Wyoming.

Image Image Image

three girls

Most recently I have surrounded myself with like-minded friends who find joy and sanity in sewing/quilting.  It is so refreshing to be a part of a group that is in the same stage of life as myself.  We get together to collaborate, encourage, and create.  We call ourselves the Phat Bobbin Girls and they have graciously allowed me to use the name for my blog and business name.  I will be featuring these girls in upcoming blog posts as they get their etsy shops, blogs, and website set-up.  For now though thanks for following me on my creativity journey.  I hope that I am contagious and that I pass it on.

me passin on creativity My oldest son used to really enjoy sewing with me and he still does 6 years later. Image


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